LOU 41B Mediation

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On December 1 and 2, 2022, the arbitration regarding the dispute over LOU #41B – Skilled Trades Wage Increase and Wage Adjustment – took place between Unifor 2200 and Coast Mountain Bus Company. In the interest of getting an expedited resolution prior to bargaining, the parties agreed to binding mediation. The mediator released his order on December 12, 2022.

The Unifor 2200 Executive Board & Council met on December 12, 2022, to review and discuss the order, and discuss how to communicate the decision to the membership. All Property Representatives have been provided a copy of the decision and they will make it available to the membership.

We encourage all members to read the order for a full explanation of the details, but to summarize, the order recognizes that some of the skilled trades listed in LOU #41B are entitled to a wage increase, but not all of them. Furthermore, the order does not include retroactivity.

Please keep in mind that the mediator’s order provides a wage increase for a lot of our skilled trades, but we implore all of you to be considerate of the many brothers and sisters that were not included. No one classification is better than any other.

The full decision is available through your Property Representative or Executive Officer, effective December 12, 2022. An updated wage scheduled will made available as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

Mike Smith,